Dragonfly Farms

dragonflyboothOne of the only vendors to have been with the Westford Farmer’s Market since the beginning, we are always happy to see Dragonfly Farms return year after year, and so are the customers. Sue and Frank, owners of the farm, may not have had a background in agriculture but what they did have was an appreciation for natural food and the love of growing. Leaving their previous jobs in the technology sector the two decided to pursue local agriculture full time.

What sets Dragonfly’s produce apart from the food at the grocery store is their emphasis on soil health to produce the most sustainable, nutritious, and fresh vegetables around. At the Market you should definitely talk to Sue, who after thirteen years of operating Dragonfly says the job has become a lifestyle for her and her husband. The best part, she claims, is seeing the actual fruits of her labor and the appreciation on her customer’s faces. Having begun from selling produce at the end of her driveway, Dragonfly Farms has developed into a cherished part of the community to which Sue is happy to contribute.