Hawaiian Shaved Ice

hawaiianboothOn a hot summer day what could be more appealing than a cold treat like Hawaiian Shaved Ice at the Westford Farmers Market. For two years now owner Steve has been selling shaved ice in order to gain experience for taking the business down to the Caribbean Islands. This has been Steve and his wife’s big dream since retiring from UPS and the post office respectively; their shaved ice has attracted plenty of business around their hometown of Chelmsford, and especially at the Market in Westford. To Steve, the best part about this acclaim is seeing kids get excited about their product, to him it is all about the experience.

As a business venture, Hawaiian Shaved Ice has a timeframe of about three to five years, says Steve, at which point they will reevaluate their plans for the future. These plans may even involve purchasing a trailer to take the show on the road. But for the present, Steve and his wife are busy enough even without the marketing benefits of a website. In fact, their schedule is completely full by March all the way through to October. Before they get too big, we hope to see Hawaiian Shaved Ice at the Market next year for more delicious treats!