HKC – Responsible Electronics Use – Lesson Plan

Objective:  To educate and increase students’ awareness about the pervasive use of electronics (tablets (not including unlit e-readers) , smart phones, laptops, TVs)  in everyday life and the potential negative effects that overuse can cause including lack of sleep, negative impacts to family life, social skills and communication development.  To get students talking about ways that they can begin using electronic devices more responsibly.

Pre-Test: To establish a baseline of electronics usage for each student.

Pledge Decision: Read the pledge, answer preliminary questions, discuss all with family and agree to pledge or not.

Homework Assignment: Read the fact sheet and give personal answers to the discussion questions.

Class Discussion:   Teacher guided discussion of students ideas about use of electronics.  Suggested discussion questions include:

Post test: To ascertain the effectiveness of the lesson.

Accountability:  All students will enter their 4 digit student ID code on both the Pre-Test and Post-Test, to allow for accountability without giving up their personal identity.