Kabob House

kabobboothA very popular prepared food vendor at the Market, Kabob House offers a variety of dishes from around the world including kabobs, falafel, gyros, samosas, and more. A long time veteran in the food industry owner Mohamed, or “MG” as he likes to be called, has worked for 30 years at state fairs in Nebraska, Iowa, and Massachusetts, as well as festivals and other markets throughout the state. With the Kabob House MG has had the pleasure of working with his daughters who join him at the Market every Tuesday. From this experience, the already family oriented MG says he has shifted his priorities even more to his family and children.

Having traveled a lot in his lifetime, MG’s goal with his kabob stand is to bring items from every corner of the world to the Market, and as a result he has created a collection of culturally inclusive and diverse cuisines. Because there is always so much to experience and discover when traveling abroad, MG hopes to share some of the delicious foods that people might have missed. He certainly hasn’t missed his mark; the smell alone will convince you to pay a visit to his stand. MG says his favorite part of the Market is seeing the smiling faces in the community into which he has felt welcomed, and all of the loyal customers who come back wanting more.