Kale Chips Recipe

Kale Chips

Kale Chips Recipe


  1. Remove the stems and tear leaves into large pieces

Remove the stems by grabbing the base of the stem with one hand and pushing outwards along the stem to slide off the leaves. Or alternatively, cut each stem out and then cut leaf into quarters.

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry the leaves before beginning

If the leaves aren’t properly dried, the water can “steam” the kale chips while baking and lead to the dreaded soggy kale chip! Be sure they are nice and dry before you massage in the oil. A salad spinner works great.

  1. Don’t skip the oil, but don’t drench it in oil either

A little bit of extra virgin olive oil (or coconut oil, if you prefer) goes a long way. I like to use ½ tablespoon of oil per baking sheet of kale chips. “Massage” the oil into the leaves to ensure all the nooks and crannies are coated. Oil also helps the spices stick to the leaves.  Or alternatively you can spray the baking sheet with Trader Joe’s Olive Oil Cooking Spray and then spray the kale leaves.

  1. Spread kale into a single layer on the baking sheet and add salt to taste
  1. It’s all about the low-heat for even baking

The goal is to crisp the kale, not scorch it into smithereens! So bake at 300F for 10 minutes, then I rotate the pan, and bake for another 15 minutes.

  1. Cool for just a few minutes on the baking sheet