Muddy Water Coffee Roasters

muddyboothMuddy Water Coffee Roasters is a company made up of coffee lovers, for coffee lovers. Born of owner Tim Van Sipe’s passion for fresh coffee, Muddy Water is a welcome addition to the Westford Farmer’s Market. If you come by the table on a Tuesday you may have the opportunity to meet some of the friendly faces representing the local, small batch roasters, like Sarah Varley. A self-described coffee addict, Sarah has only been with Muddy Waters since January but she loves working for a fresh coffee provider. The only really hard part, she says, is lifting the heavy boxes of inventory, but clearly an optimist Sarah says it’s a great way to build muscle. Working at the Market has been a fun experience for this coffee fan– she even had the opportunity to meet up with her favorite teacher, whose visit to the Market was a nice surprise.

What sets Muddy Waters apart from conventional coffee roasters is that as a micro roaster their beans are fresher and have been roasted within days of sale, something major companies in the industry cannot claim. Taste the difference for yourself at the next Farmer’s Market or order online!