Mycoterra Farm

mycoterra-farm-768x459Mycoterra Farm is a new addition to the Westford Farmers Market this year coming all the way from Westhampton, MA with their organic, gourmet mushrooms in tow. The farm is awash with a variety of mushroom species, the most popular being their fresh shiitake mushrooms. Very knowledgeable in the growing process, owner Julia has been interested in mycology (the branch of biology dealing with fungi) for years, and the development of the farm as a business proves that it isn’t just mushrooms that she can grow.

According to Wes at the Mycoterra table at the WFM they like the location of the Market as well as interacting with the friendly community. It is a treat for them to meet the curious customers, as well as talk about the farm and answer any questions. Look for the Mycoterra table at the next Westford Farmers Market!