Our Mission

Sustainable Westford is a 501c3 nonprofit community organization dedicated to promoting the economic and environmental sustainability of Westford.

A  nonprofit corporation, we host educational programming for all ages  through a variety of programs;  Westford Farmers Market, Healthy Kids Coalition, UpCycle It!, Westford Academy Mentorship and Winter Series Program.  We rely on volunteers to run our programs.

Our efforts are concentrated in three areas:

•    Sustainable and Environmental Education

•    Health and Food systems

•    Community-Building

Our mission: Serves as a venue for bringing community together and raising awareness on issues of sustainability.  We do this by providing education and inspiration on issues of sustainability.  Working with the community and related organizations to advance our mutual missions, we provide access to local sustainable foods;  recycling programs; renewable energy options; conservation of natural resources; and health and wellness programs.  We support local farmers and food producers; foster connections between farmers / producers and the community; provide instruction in the growth, preparation  of healthy foods.

Whether it’s at the farmers’ market or thru any of our other active educational programs,  we directly connect people to their local ecosystems. Our work uncovers the intrinsic value of the land around us and the importance of treating the land with respect.

Thank you for visiting this site to learn more about what we do and how you can be involved in our work.