Purple Carrot Bread Company

purplecarrotboothArtisan breads are always a welcome sight at any farmer’s market, especially when they are fresh, homemade, and handled with care. This is the case for Lowell based artisan bread maker Purple Carrot Bread Company. Doug manages the table at the Westford Farmers Market where he sells a variety of loaves and other products. He has only operated the company for the last year having formerly worked as an executive chef, he therefore is committed to using only the freshest ingredients.

Doug was first inspired to create Purple Carrot while living above an artisan bread company in central Massachusetts. Upon moving to Lowell he decided he wanted to bring artisanal breads to the city, but there’s more to the story. In his former position he did not have the opportunity to interact with customers and this fueled his ambition to open his own business where he could connect to those buying his bread. According to Doug the hardest thing about the change so far has been waking up at 4 a.m. every day. In the future, he hopes to transform Purple Carrot into a wholesale bakery with a storefront café. In addition to bread, he wants to smoke meats, make paninis, and sell other breakfast and lunch foods. We wish Doug the best of luck in the future!