SA’s Homestyle

saboothAdventurous eaters may have already tried SA’s Homestyle Sweet and Spicy Sauce, but who are the people behind the label? At the Westford Farmers Market, you will run into James Glick. He and his wife have been selling their sauce at various farmer’s markets throughout Massachusetts for the last four years, however Mrs. Glick has been making the sauce for the last twenty. Malaysian in origin the sweet and spicy sauce comes in five varieties: mild, hot, extra hot, mild and hot, and with organic cider vinegar. Initially, they were urged by friends to take their sauce on the road; however, working in specialty chemical sales James only sells his wife’s sauce part time. As of yet they do not have a store nor is the sauce available for wholesale.

Some of the major challenges of this endeavor have been attracting customers who are not quite bold enough to taste their sauce, and convincing them that no two sauces are alike. But once they’re on board James says he loves seeing people crave the product and is proud to say they are developing a strong following. What’s in store for SA’s Homestyle Sauce in the future? James says that eventually they hope to get a commercial license for their kitchen so they can sell more sauce. This is SA’s third time coming to the Westford Farmers Market and definitely not the last. Come by to talk to James, try a free sample, and take home some delicious sauce for yourself!