Tap Water Initiative


Welcome to the official page of the Tap Water Initiative! My name is Mallori Teden and I am interning with Sustainable Westford this summer to promote the Tap Water Initiative in Westford. After researching more about the single-use water bottle issue, I learned that it not only affects the environment but also our health as the consumers of bottled water.

If you would like more information on how damaging bottled water really is, watch this video for a better understanding of the issue.  The Story of Bottled Water”.

The Goal 

The Westford Academy student council has generously invested $5,000 for the systems at school. We are hoping to raise at least $3,000 more to fund the rest of the systems in our campaign.

We welcome members of the community to join this Initiative and suggest other locations for these systems in the future. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at mallori.teden@uconn.edu

We ask that you support us and our campaign so we can bring clean accessible tap water to the Westford community as a whole. Below is a link to our PayPal account, anything you can give helps. Thank you again for your support!


The Tap Water Initiative


Sustainable Westford and Emily Wood, the WA senior intern, decided to launch a campaign starting at Westford Academy to promote water sustainability. This included raising awareness as well as raising funds for water bottle filling stations at WA and around Westford.

The bottle Filling stations that have recently been installed in WA are the Elkay systems. The indoor system includes a sensor for hands free access. It also includes a ticker which shows the user how much waste has been avoided so far from using the system. The outdoor systems are vandal and freeze resistant and would be great in a sports field.



(WA senior intern, Emily Wood, at the nearest outdoor bottle filling system, in West Concord)

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