Sustainable Westford seeks partners who share our vision of an economically vibrant and environmentally sound community. In partnership with these organizations, we will develop innovative programs that address the needs of our local environment. Please contact us if you know of any like-minded organizations that may be in need of support or that could create a synergistic relationship in a partnership with Sustainable Westford.

This year, in collaboration with Next Step Living Inc., we were able to direct our mission towards ‘green and clean energy’ by bringing the Westford Solar Challenge to our community. This program will help Westford homeowners find out if their homes are properly situated and suitable for solar panels, saving homeowners on their cost of electricity and protecting them from unpredictable utility rate increases.  To date, here is what we have accomplished  to date:

  • Total Home Energy Assessment Sign-ups: 532
  • Total Home Energy Assessments Completed: 369
  • Total Weatherization Installations Completed: 92
  • Total Solar Visit Sign-ups: 389
  • Total Solar Visits Completed: 212
  • Total Solar Contracts Signed: 38
  • Total Solar Installations Completed: 11

In 2012, through our Healthy Kids Coalition Program we partnered with the Westford Public Schools/Food Service Department and piloted the ‘Chef Moves to Schools’ Project at both Stony Brook and Blanchard Middle Schools in an effort to help our children learn to cook for themselves so they will not become dependent on processed foods.

In 2012, we supported the Westford Land Preservation Foundation Inc. with “Save The O’Brien Farm” conservation land project. Once a family farmstead well-known for its plump, juicy strawberries, the centuries-old O’Brien Farm in Westford, is now home to a wildlife habitat featuring a meandering brook, forested uplands, and wooded wetlands.