Upcycle It! Cleaning Instructions


As part of Sustainable Westford’s “green” mission, we are collecting non-recyclables to benefit the Westford Public Schools. Through TerraCycle we can collect items such as drink pouches and granola bar, etc. and return them to the company who “upcycles” them into new products – backpacks, pencil cases, etc.  TerraCycle will donate 2 cents to the Westford schools for every item we send in.  Please help the schools, the planet, and reduce trash by collecting the items listed below.


Last updated: 2/2020


Drop off locations:

  • Starbucks (Littleton Rd., Westford)
  • J.V. Fletcher Library (near basement elevators)
  • Roudenbush – Main St.
  • Nabnasset School (collecting from parents/students only, Please check with Nab as their collection list may differ this one


We can only accept wrappers and packaging that once held one of the following itemsIt matters more what was in the bag or wrapper than the type of material it is made out of.


Drink Pouches:

What can be collected:  ANY brand of foil drink pouch and their straw.  No juice boxes.  Examples: Capri Sun, Kool Aid, Honest Kids


  • cut off top, just above where straw goes
  • rinse and dry
  • Place in a separate bag


Snack (Chip) Bags

What can be collected:  ANY empty chip/snack bags, any size.  If you find it in the chip aisle of the grocery store, it is considered a chip bag.


Oral Care Products

What can be collected:  ANY brand of plastic toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, replaceable toothbrush heads, floss containers (no cardboard)

Prep: Please place the toothbrushes in a separate bag for sanitary reasons.


Beauty Item Packaging

What can be collected: ANY brand makeup/personal care packaging (mascara, lipstick/lip balm, eye shadow, deodorant, lotion tubes) No items that can be curbside recycled such as most shampoo or conditioner containers


Brita water Filters and accessories

What can be collected: Brita brands ONLY


Baby and Toddler Food Pouches

What can be collected: ANY brand of baby or toddler food pouches and their screw caps


  1. Please make sure they are empty (not leaking)
  2. Place in a separate bag


Gillette Razors

What can be collected: All brands of razors, systems, and disposables, replaceable-blade cartridges and packaging. No “Safety Razor” blades.