Upcycle It!

Upcycle It! Totals (updated September 2019):
$15,992.90 raised for Westford schools!
1,000,788 pieces equaling 10,144 lbs. of trash saved from the waste stream!

Turning Trash into Cash for Westford

As part of our mission to provide “green” programs to the community, the Upcycle It! program collects non-recyclables such as drink pouches and chip bags to keep them out of landfills.


Watch our 5 minute overview of Upcycle It!

*Please note, some of the items in the below video may NO longer accepted.  Check our list below.


We Can Only Accept These Specific Items

Please help Westford and the planet and reduce trash by helping us collect these specific items:

  • Foil Drink Pouches and their straws (i.e. Capri Sun, Kool Aid, Honest Kids etc.)
  • Energy or Granola Bars (ANY brand energy, granola, cereal, or protein bar) No Longer Accepted 
  • Chip Bags (ANY chip bag small or large)
  • Oral Care Products (toothbrushes, plastic toothpaste tubes) No electric toothbrush heads
  • Beauty Item Packaging – ANY brand makeup/personal care packaging (mascara, lipstick/lip balm, eye shadow, deodorant, lotion tubes) No items that can be curbside recycled such as most shampoo or conditioner containers.
  • Brita brand water filters and accessories – Brita brand ONLY
  • Baby and Toddler food pouches – ANY brand baby or toddler food pouches and their screw caps.
  • NEW! Gillette Razors – All brands of razors, systems, disposables, and replaceable-blade cartridges and packaging. No “Safety Razor” or loose blades
  • Cereal Bags – ANY brand cereal bag including clear liners inside a cereal box  No Longer accepted

More information what to collect and preparation instructions:

Click here to print our full list. Updated March 2020.

Click here to read our Upcycle It! Frequently Asked Questions. Updated March 2020.

Click here for a handy printable reminder



We Collect These Items At:

  • J.V. Fletcher Library (by basement elevator)
  • Roudenbush Community Center (Main Street, Westford)
  • Starbucks (174 Littleton Rd., Westford)
  • Nabnasset Elementary School (collecting from parents/students only, Please check with Nab as their collection list may differ this one)

They are then sent to Terracycle who pays 2 cents for each piece we collect. Sustainable Westford grants this money to worth environmental projects that benefit Westford .


Interested in Applying for a Grant?

For information on our current grant application and past grant recipients, take a look here.


Still have questions?

Use our contact form and select “Upcycle It!” as the subject.


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