Volunteer Support

Sustainable Westford relies heavily on volunteers to accomplish our goals; over 100 volunteers participate in accomplishing our goals.  We are also very fortunate to have volunteers that donate their services, their strong muscles and their small trucks.  We are extremely grateful to the many members who give their time and talents to our many programs. We owe much of the organization’s success to their efforts.

Your support directly influences quality, sustainability and success for our community.

Give back to your community, meet new people, get involved, and have fun!  Whether you are looking for a one-time or on-going opportunity for an individual or a group, Sustainable Westford has many ways for you to contribute, have a positive impact and make a difference. Be part of the team and come meet new folks in town and like-minded people who want to give back to the community! Here is an opportunity to learn new skills or polish some older ones that need a bit of shine! We are in need of this kind of volunteer help:

  • Healthy Kids Coalition seeks volunteers to assist with their special events.

Winter Educational Series

  • Research Team- exploration of the environmental issues of the day, review films and provide input for direction of winter series.  Topics range from farms, food, health, nutrition, cooking food preparation and environment and sustainability issues including alternative forms of energy.

Quick and easy help – the following requires very little time:

  • Flyer Distribution
  • Easel Distribution

Hands on: always fun and a great way to get involved!  If you love working with kids and the market atmosphere, this is very rewarding!  Through summer and fall.

Help is always appreciated for our weekly Children’s and Music programs and many special events such as the Halloween Dance Jam, WA Appreciation and Farmers Market Week.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via the contact form.