2013 Team

Meet our 2013 Westford Academy student team:
David Ran


I’m a rising senior at Westford Academy.  I joined the Farmers Market Team and Sustainable Westford in my sophomore year and since then have enjoyed every bit of it.  Whether I’m setting up tents, greeting vendors, or painting faces, I always have a blast.  I love the bonhomie, local food, and people at the market.

Sally Lee


I’m a senior at Westford Academy this year.  I LOVE the Farmers Market and love getting to experience all the different types of food here!  Through rain or shine we’re here every Tuesday, so come visit us!

August Posch


This is my third year volunteering at the Westford Farmer’s Market. I love the outdoors, and I run and ski as much as I can. I also play cello and love music in general. I enjoy eating fresh food from the Farmer’s Market every week!


Anna Hartmann


I’ll be a senior at Westford Academy this fall, where I am heavily involved in the music and theater arts departments. I also am interested in photography and take pictures for events such as PCA shows, youth sports games, and concerts and shows around school. I love working with other people, especially children, and enjoy the interesting people, delicious food, and friendly atmosphere on the common every Tuesday afternoon.


Mitchell Holman


I am 15 years old and am going into my sophomore year at Westford Academy. This is my second year with the market. Through the market I have met older kids from WA who can answer any questions I have. Along with volunteering at the market I enjoy playing soccer, and basketball.



Rohan Rastogi


I’m a rising senior at Westford Academy and I have been volunteering with sustainable Westford for the past two years.  I really enjoy helping my community through the Westford Farmers Market and the Sustainable Westford Winter Series.


Brandon Wang

brandon wang

I will be a junior this year at Westford Academy.  I like to play tennis and ski.  I love the family atmosphere at the Farmers Market and helping the community.


David Rosenberg


This is my second year at the Westford Farmers Market and Sustainable Westford.  I coordinate the Upcycle program and represent Westford Academy’s Environmental Club at the market.  I am also involved with WA’s band program.

Liza Bernard

liza bernard

I’m a 9th grader and I like cats.  I also enjoy playing guitar and listening to music.  The Farmers Market is an exciting place for me to interact with members of the community.

Kayla Flanagan


I am a senior at Westford Academy.  I play soccer, futsal, and I run track.  I love volunteering at the Farmers Market and getting involved with my community.  This is my second year at the market, and I plan to continue my involvement.  The market is a great way to meet new people, be with the community, and have fun.

Julie Swanson

julie swanson

I’m 16 and going into my junior year at Westford Academy. This is my second year volunteering at the Farmers Market. Usually I help run the crafts/ activities at the children’s table. At WA I am a member of WA Literacy Outreach, a club that tutors in Lowell as well as Future Educators of America, a club through which I volunteer in classrooms at the elementary schools. During the winter I also coach a youth girls basketball team.

Ryan Maher

ryan maher

This fall I will be a senior at Westford Academy. This is my first year working at the Westford Farmers Market and I am very excited to get involved and meet the other people who make this event possible. At Westford Academy, I am very involved in a variety of community service organizations and I hope to bring my experience and work ethic to help the market in any way possible.

Chinar Rastogi

WA Volunteer - Sustainable Westford
Coleman Gilbert

WA Volunteer - Sustainable Westford
Danny Measer