2014 Team

Hi, my name is Brandon Wang. I’m a rising senior at Westford Academy. This is my third season volunteering with the Westford Farmers Market. This year I’m glad to be able to help out as one of the student market managers. The market has been a great way to interact and contribute to the local community. The great food, fresh fruits and vegetables, crafts, and the people you meet here on the common combine to create a great experience that I proud to be part of. I’m also a programmer with on the school’s robotics team and in my free time I like to play tennis, ski, and read.’


Hi I’m Mitchell Holman, and I am a 16 year old Honor student going into my Junior Year at Westford Academy. I have been working at the market for three and a half years now. My role has evolved during that time from volunteer to my current role as a Market Manager. When I am not volunteering at the market, I play soccer for both Westford Academy and a separate club team. I also ski with my family in the winter.IMG_1732


My name is Dan Measer. I will be a Junior at Westford Academy.  I have been involved in the Farmer’s Market almost from its beginning.  I believe in sustainability and first learned about it in my family’s backyard garden.  I enjoy music, camping, and anything outdoors.  In the Fall and Spring I am busy with the crew team. I play basketball in the Winter. I work as a counselor for the Recreation Department in the Summer. I think the Farmer’s Market is great for both the venders and the town and I ‘m happy to be a part of it all. Hope to see you there.



My name is Andrea Bert, and I will be a senior at Westford Academy. This year is my second year at the farmer’s market, and it’s been such a great experience for me. I love the fact that the market provides an opportunity for shoppers to buy local and support organic farming. Being very interesting in the environment and nutrition, I appreciate being able to support something so good. Along with the market, I run indoor and outdoor track and love to read and draw. See you on Tuesday!

Hello vendors and customers!
My name is Hannah Jung and I am one of the volunteers for the Farmer’s Market for the summer and fall season of 2014. I will be a senior at Westford Academy this coming semester. I was able to find an opportunity to be involved with the Farmer’s Market through the school, and I am so glad I joined! I think it is a great place for local businesses to come together and interact with the community on a more personal level. It is great to see familiar faces of Westford come out and enjoy shopping, eating, and having a great time.hannah J

My name is Justin Yao, a rising senior at Westford Academy. I play trombone in the band and orchestra, and I also swim on the swim team. I decided to volunteer for the Farmers Market in order to introduce the relatively unknown talents of high school musicians to the community.IMG_1726

Jeffrey Yao, rising junior. I like to read and play flute,  and I am volunteering for the Westford farmer’s market because I wish to broaden the community’s live musical experience through the music played during the market and to assist in increasing the popularity of local vendors and restaurants.

Hello! My name is Nancy Wang and next year I’ll be a junior at Westford Academy. Two of my favorite things to do are play violin and eat good food, and the Farmer’s Market provides me the outlet to both these things. This is my second year at the market and while most of the time I am buying food to eat from vendors, I also help run the environmental portion of the market.

Hello, my name is Moonrose Cheng and I am a senior in high school. Two things I enjoy doing are reading and making YouTube videos. I love to volunteer and help the community. I chose to volunteer at the Farmers Market because of the wholesome food there, the positive attitude, and the focus on sustainability.IMG_1717

I am Priya Iyengar and I will be a sophomore at Westford Academy this year. This is my first year of volunteering at the farmers market and it has been very exciting. At the market, I especially enjoy face painting and lending a hand in the kids’ crafts. I also immensely enjoy the other aspects of volunteering here including helping the vendors in setting up and meeting many people from our community.IMG_1730

I’m Enya Han, and I’ll be in 11th grade. My hobbies include drawing and music and I wanted to volunteer at the farmer’s market to meet new people.IMG_1725


Kara Aiken – I am a senior at Westford Academy and this is my third year volunteering at the Farmers Market. I love the outdoors and enjoy playing soccer and rock climbing. I enjoy volunteering at the market; it gives me the opportunity to get involved with my community and to pursue my interest in green initiatives.IMG_1720

Chloe Aiken

I’ll be a sophomore at Westford Academy this fall. This is my second year volunteering at the Farmers Market. I enjoy playing soccer and dancing. I love working with children, and getting to experience the different types of food and friendly atmosphere at the market

Chinar is entering his junior year of high school at Westford Academy. This is his second year volunteering for the Farmers Market. He plans on volunteering throughout the summer and fall for the rest of his high school career. In addition to the Farmers Market, Chinar enjoys playing tennis and trading stocks. Chinar likes to give back to his community and help out.IMG_1740

Kavya Tumkur

I am going to be a sophomore at Westford Academy this fall. This is my first year volunteering at the market, and it has been a great experience so far! I love helping children at the crafts station, and contributing to the community.

Anisha Purohit

I will be a sophomore at Westford Academy this fall. This is my first year being a part of Westford’s Farmers Market and it has been a great experience. I’ve enjoyed helping out with Children’s crafts and face painting the most. The fun and friendly atmosphere here is great and I look forward to coming back next summer!IMG_1730